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Small drywall businesses have gained a very high profile in recent years. This market is becoming a great one for anyone who dreams of opening their own business. After all, plaster is seen in almost every house today, not to mention other plaster-based services. Since this sector is related to construction, it becomes even more interesting to work with it.

So, thinking about it, I have made here a summary of ideas, information, and tips so that you can understand how to start a well-structured plaster business. I believe that the content will help you get better inspiration and plan to open your own business successfully!

Production line of a plastering business

A plastering company includes two fronts, the first of which is the production of plasterboard, and the second will be the provision of assembly and decoration services. So, with that, you will need to initiate if you are going to produce your gypsum boards or buy from manufacturers, focusing only on carrying out the provision of services. In any case, I have read some basic tips about your production line.


The ideal is to have a closed structure where you can produce your plasterboard. But also an open space where the drying shelf for the produced plates will be mounted. The best choice to set up your plate production is in districts far from the center, but where it is easily accessible to facilitate the transport of products to the workplace.

Among the main equipment, it is necessary to have a single type of large table, aluminum rulers for the exact production of plates, a machine for mixing plaster with water, and other basic supplies. Watching this video below you can understand how the production of plasterboard is:

How to start a plastering business

Your desk to serve customers can be in the same place as your production line or in a more visible area of ​​the city. Where you can get your customers to do service simulations and take care of the administrative part. You don’t need a big space, because with just a small room and a bathroom you can start the work. So this is going to be the basic structure you need to open a plastering business today.


For a small, but well-structured company that handles a good number of clients each month, it is necessary to have at least two plasterers, two assistants, two people who work on plate production, and one employee in the office.

The legalization of the plaster company is another aspect to consider, so hire an accountant to carry out the formalization process, thus obtaining your license from the municipal government and all the other details necessary to open your plaster business.

Services provided by a plastering company

The plastering and plastering of residences will be the most requested service by the clients of your company. you can also suggest other services such as

  • Plaster decorations
  • Photo frames

You can do work in several places and therefore work both in homes and in companies that need some type of service with plaster.

During these processes, it will be required to invest in some work tools such as

  • Scaffolding
  • Drill
  • Wires
  • Spatulas
  • Level ruler

and various other items. Your business will still anticipate relying on a vehicle to transport material to the job site. So you’ll need a cart with clearance in the back to store tools and make the job easier.

One piece of guidance for beginners is to take part in plaster courses that are held in some places or gain. Some experience working in a company in the sector, and then open your own because it is a very complex job.

Investment in a plastering company

I am sure that the majority who entered here have doubts regarding the initial investment. To set up a business of this type and it is really necessary to invest a good sum of money. Your initial cost will go from the purchase of plaster for the manufacturing of the plates to the most basic accessories possible. Then you will require to invest in the

  • Structure of the company
  • Service workshop and production premises
  • Equipment to produce plaster plates
  • Tools for the job
  • Buying a car
  • Hiring employees and much more.

An average investment of between $17 and $40 thousand is estimated to open a mid-range gypsum company today. You can start smaller if your business is based only on the performance of services, and not on the production of plates. since you can buy from other producers to work.

Disclosure of a plastering business

There are dozens of channels that you can use to spread your services. But one of the strategies that work best for this kind of business is to go to the buildings to offer your services. Always with a business card in hand and with the desire to perform. budgets.

This is an option that you can follow to gain your first clients, but there are other interesting ways. Such as seeking alliances with builders to gain indications. Use word of mouth for the promotion of your services. you can also buy advertising space in newspapers local or something.

Is stating a plastering business worth it?

If you have a strong identification with this branch, and you are a creative person. It is certainly worth betting on this idea. Since it is a lucrative area and it is growing more and more every year. So you will make good profits by opening your own plaster business.

But what is the average income of a plastering business? This is another common question, but these are quite variable numbers and will rely on the size of the company

  • The place of work
  • The number of clients

and several other factors, but it is estimated monthly income is in the range of $ 3,800 for a small business.

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