How to set up a demolition business


Demolition is the act of intentionally destroying any construction to reuse the space previously occupied by it.

At this moment, for example, several constructions are being built but not all of them were on empty land. Probably before there was some type of building and it needed to be demolished. who did that? A demolition company! Therefore, from that, we can conclude that the demand is very great.

Thinking about it, below we will show you how to set up a demolition company and be successful, read on!

Where to set up a demolition company


You will have to choose a strategic place where you can enter and exit with vehicles and equipment calmly and easily. It is good to analyze the places that are closer to the regions with more residential complexes, where more works take place.

Being close to nearby stores or companies that are focused on the construction sector is also good. Since the consumer will find in the same area, all the solutions to their demands.

Structure to set up a demolition company

To set up a demolition company, you will first need a large structure, which is capable of accommodating all the equipment, including large machines of all kinds.

The ideal is to have a large shed with rooms reserved for these large machines, storage for smaller machines, and other equipment.

It must also have a reception and an administrative office that controls the processes carried out by the company. It is also valid to have a space for equipment maintenance, in this way you save with this service.

Equipment and materials may vary depending on the type of demolition to be done (this will be explained later). In addition to this specific equipment, you will need office equipment, shelving to organize equipment, etc.

Types of demolition and specific equipment

As we have said before, for each different type of demolition it is necessary to use a set of specific and different equipment:

Conventional demolition


This is the most common and traditional demolition, which consists of the demolition of the structural part of concrete, coatings, and masonry. They are made through impact and fragmentation. This is the most commonly used type for small buildings. That is done through hammers, chisels, and other high-impact equipment.

Controlled demolition


This is already a form of demolition done partially without causing shock to structures that are done in a precise and well-detailed manner. In this type of demolition, there is not much dust and damage as in the other type and the work is much faster.

Other types and techniques of demolition

There are other demolition techniques, among which we can mention

The use of mechanical equipment, thermal processes, through the controlled use of explosives (which is recommended in much larger buildings), electrical processes, and chemical processes, among others.

How to set up a demolition company: bureaucracy

As they are services that cause great impact and that can damage nearby buildings and properties. If they are done in the wrong way, they must be within the necessary specifications for this business. To set up a demolition company you will have to follow the indications of the municipality of your city. About what you can and cannot do and about the minimum necessary conditions and all the other points of attention that need to be done.

One valuable thing is the presence of a construction professional, who can be a civil engineer or an architect. It is also necessary to have a responsible technician, precisely to avoid amateur mistakes.

You also have to understand all the paperwork, the taxes that need to be paid, and other steps that need to be taken. To do this, the ideal would be to hire an accounting firm specialized in this type of service.

Safety of professionals in a demolition business

This is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your professionals must work safely!

Accidents can happen on any type of project, from cuts, impacts, or even falls. To avoid this type of thing, it is necessary to invest heavily in safety equipment for workers (gloves, glasses, headphones, helmets, seat belts, boots, work materials, equipment, etc.). All of this is essential.

You can’t build a business without worrying about it. Your employees are the strength of your company and they are independent human beings who need to have decent and safe working conditions.

Staff to set up a demolition company

For a company like this, you need a great team of professionals who work directly with the demolition. It is important to have a small number of qualified professionals in the construction area such as masons, electricians, and plumbers.

You will also have to hire supervisors to monitor the progress of the work and motorists to remove debris.

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