How to distinguish a real vs fake diamond


Real vs Fake diamond

The diamond is certainly the finest and most sought-after gem in jewelry. It is also one of the most copied on the market. Also, it is crucial to know how to identify a real diamond to avoid being scammed.


Several tests to recognize a fake diamond

Here are some simple tips that will help you recognize fake diamonds.


The gloss test


Diamonds belong to the category of the most precious and expensive gems on the market. It owes its success as much to its purity as to its unequaled brilliance. This is the first criterion to check to make sure that you are indeed in front of a natural diamond.

Light and diamonds


Unlike other precious and semi-precious stones, the diamond has facets that shine brightly when exposed to a light source. You just have to turn off the light and then expose the diamond to a flashlight. If all the facets radiate a beautiful rainbow glow, it is most likely a real diamond. Otherwise, you may be in front of zircon or moissanite.

Assess reflectivity and transparency

Have you inherited an untested “diamond” or want to buy a gold ring with a “diamond”? A quick analysis of the stone will help you confirm whether it is a real or a fake diamond gem.


This precious stone has an inimitable physical property: it reflects all the light that passes through it. This is the reason why it shines brightly when lit in a dark room. This also explains its very high reflectivity in a bright environment.

The test is very simple

Draw an easily recognized dot or shape on white paper. Then try to identify the shape in question by looking through the stone. If you can see a dot or the drawn shape through the diamonds, it is most likely a fake. On the other hand, if you see a fuzzy or diffuse shape through the gem, you may be in front of a real diamond.

Despite its glassy appearance, a real diamond is never transparent. You cannot make out any shape or read a few snippets of words on a newspaper through a diamond.

Hardness, the ultimate criterion for recognizing a real diamond

A real diamond can also be recognized by its inability to retain fog. When you blow hot air on a real stone, the fogging will have a hard time forming on the facets and will disappear quickly. You have probably inherited a zirconium oxide if it does not go away.

However, hardness remains the criterion that makes it possible to distinguish with certainty a real diamond from a fake. On the Mohs scale, diamond is the ultimate benchmark for the hardness of precious and semi-precious stones. This gem has a hardness of 10 on this scale. In comparison, topaz and calcite have a hardness of 8 and 3 respectively.


How to measure the hardness of your stone?

Take a piece of glass that you no longer use and scratch it with the stone. If your gem manages to cut through the glass AND has no scratches, you have a real diamond. You can also check with a very magnifying glass if the gem shows micro-scratches on the facets or if the angles are not well sharpened. These small details are all warning signs of an imitation.

The diamonds tester

If you are used to handling diamonds, and you often have to determine the authenticity of a diamond, also know that there are diamond testers. They are most often small devices, which fit in one hand. They will tell you in seconds if your diamond is a real one. It is now available from many retailers, including Amazon, at varying prices.


Given the price of a carat of real diamond, do not hesitate to consult a professional to verify the authenticity of your stone in case of doubt. This one will be able, without the slightest doubt, to inform you. And you will know if your stone is legit. The professional will also, very often, be able to estimate it if this is your wish. Handy if you found it in an old forgotten jewelry box.

Buy jewelry from a professional

Whether it is jewelry for women, a pair of earrings for children, or stud earrings for men, it is necessary to entrust your purchase to an expert. It is thanks to this procedure that you will be able to receive a certificate of authenticity. With the latter, you are certain that your references set with diamonds display the desired quality. Therefore, earrings to put on the ears must meet all expectations.

  • With traditional jewelry, dangling earrings can be “fancy” when they look quite cheerful.
  • To buy diamonds, only an expert in this field will be able to help you.
  • You can then choose earrings with a diamond in white or yellow gold, the choice depends on your preferences.
  • Sleeper earrings or traditional jewelry will therefore meet your expectations, but be careful, the budget is high.
  • Depending on the number of carats, these jewels can be very expensive. For example, you should allow less than 1400 euros for yellow gold earrings with a 0.60-carat diamond.

Expertise in spotting diamonds

If you have any doubts about these hoop earrings, just take them to such a professional. The latter will be able to answer you because we also sometimes wonder how to recognize a diamond on a ring. Given the requested budget, it may be essential to think about this purchase beforehand and to take your time. Within our article, we have shared a lot of information allowing you to quickly identify a diamond.


You must therefore be attentive to the finishes, the weight, the gloss, but also the transparency, and even the hardness as well as defects and scratches. Of course, for the expertise to be perfect and up to all expectations, you must be equipped with a magnifying glass or a microscope. The latter is precise and allows you to look in-depth at the quality of this diamond. A professional can spot the latter in seconds.

You now know that the choice requires the greatest caution and avoid ordering a jewel based on a crush. It takes real expertise to not later regret this acquisition. You will then be happy to wear your jewelry.

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