Home Cooking Homemade Mozzarella Sticks Recipe 2022

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks Recipe 2022


Considering the historic records of covid 19 (COVID19) and amid the chance of Omicron, many humans are celebrating at home. If you are additionally sitting in the front of the TV or staring at a movie in the domestic theater, then you can make it even extra special. You can make the new yr exclusive to your household by making Mozzarella Sticks at home. It is very handy to make. Also, they are very tasty to eat. Know the recipe to make it


Mozzarella Sticks Ingredients

Mozzarella Sticks Method

For making mozzarella sticks, combine egg and water in a small pot. After this combine breadcrumbs and salt in a pot. After this, combine flour and corn starch in a medium bowl. Now warm oil in a massive pan. Till then coat the portions of mozzarella with flour and then soak in the egg. After that roll in breadcrumbs. After this dip the cheese once more in the egg mixture.

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