GPS Keychains: Which is the best of 2022

GPS-Keychains-Which-is-the-best-of 2022
GPS-Keychains-Which-is-the-best-of 2022

GPS Keychain: Yes, humans landed on the Moon and invented the Internet. However, there is something that has not yet been overcome: the ability to lose small objects such as keys or wallets. Fortunately for all of us who have been through this situation, the answer to this problem is just a click away.

GPS Keychain

Keychains with GPS (Global Positioning System) are small devices that, through sounds or lights, alert us and indicate the place where we have forgotten the object in question. With the help of applications installed on smartphones, these devices are the perfect companion for anyone who often loses their belongings.

The best GPS keychains

There is a wide variety of GPS keyfobs on the market. Such variety can confuse buyers. It is normal that you do not know which one to choose, so we help you in your purchase with this ranking, where we talk about our favorite models.

  • The favorite GPS keyfob of online shoppers
  • The most versatile GPS keychain
  • The GPS keychain with adhesive
  • The locator keyfob with central control
  • The multi-function GPS key fob

The favorite GPS keyfob of online shoppers

  • Spy Tec

The Spy Tec brand offers the GL300, a mini tracker with built-in GPS that stands out for being very portable. It is especially useful because it allows tracking in real-time. It can be configured from a smartphone using the Spy Tec GPS app.

  • Locating your keys

This keychain is suitable not only for locating your keys but also for keeping track of pets, purses, bags, and people. To have all the features active, the user must pay a monthly fee for the service.

  • Cube Tracker

The Cube Tracker is more than a GPS keychain. This device allows the user to locate their lost objects, and use it as a trigger to take photos from the smartphone, and as an alarm in case you move away from the object to which it is tied.

  • Control of smartphone

To control the keychain from your smartphone, you must use the CUBE Tracker app. To help you locate the lost object, it warns with an audible alarm, lights, and vibration. Impossible to ignore.

  • Tile locator

The highlight of this Tile locator keychain is that it has an adhesive surface on the back. With this surface, the user can fix the locator to the desired object, without the risk of it falling or being lost.

  • Waterproof

This product includes two twin devices to protect your keys and other valuables. They are waterproof and weather resistant. They are controlled via the app and have a range of 150 feet.

  • Six locators

Esky provides a set of six locators controlled by a central device. Each locator is a keychain that can also be used for pets, wallets, and bags.

  • 11 indicator stickers

A fun detail of this offer is that the set includes 11 indicator stickers. With them, you can identify each object that is tracked in the central device. It has an audible alarm of 80 decibels and a range of 100 feet of the signal.

The multi-function GPS key fob

With the Rinex Locator Keychain, you get much more than a keychain. This device connects to your smartphone and is controlled via the app. But it is also capable of activating alarms on the phone to help you locate it if necessary.

In addition to that, it can be used to activate your phone’s virtual assistant with the voice controller. The app you require is compatible with both Android and iOs.


Shopping Guide: What you should know about GPS key chains

The size, ease of use, aesthetics, and battery life of the GPS keychain are aspects to consider when buying one of these devices. Fortunately, there is now a large market for pagers that suit various needs and at reasonable prices.

What are the most common uses of GPS keyfobs?

GPS keychains are designed to locate small objects used in everyday life, such as keys, wallets, or glasses. These products can save us from cumbersome experiences such as having to process official documents after losing our wallets.

These key chains are also ideal for monitoring the geographic location of young children in open spaces. Another common use is related to pets. In this case, the GPS keyfob is usually placed on the collar of the animal in question. This way, if he runs away from home, it will be much easier to find him.

How do GPS keyfobs work?

As briefly mentioned above, these inconspicuous devices connect to our smartphones usually via Bluetooth. All GPS keyfobs have software —mostly developed by the hardware brand— which in turn can be manipulated from a smartphone, tablet, or even a computer.

There are also “short-range” devices, which remotely open the camera of the smartphone connected to the key fob and display the live location of the object contained in the key fob. These devices are perfect for finding objects inside the home or in closed rooms with small or medium proportions.

Here is a list of the most common location features of GPS keyfobs:

Real-time location

Through the camera of the smartphone linked to the keychain, it is possible to observe in real-time where the device is.


Some GPS key fobs use default sounds to alert the owner that the object the key fob is attached to is approaching. It is also possible to sound said alarm to locate it.


Some GPS key chains have light patterns, which are emitted in different colors to be located.

Are GPS keychains more useful?

The answer is yes, although it depends on the model and brand. Although all GPS keyfobs work to find objects, people, or pets, there are some brands that offer value-added products. For example, some have a bilateral microphone, which allows conversations with unknown people who have found the device.

What distinguishing features do GPS keyfobs have?

There is a market that offers us a wide range of keychains with GPS. This, although positive, can also make the selection process difficult. To facilitate the selection process below is a table with some of the comparable characteristics of this type of locator.

Purchase criteria


Before buying a keychain with GPS, its use must be defined. As mentioned before, there are products that are ideal for placing on small objects such as purses, keys, or cell phones. In this case, it is advisable to choose small short-range keychains. But if you want to track people or pets, a long-range rugged one is preferable.


Although these are discreet products, due to the nature of their function, design is still important, be it for comfort or simply for aesthetics. There are discreet keychains in the shape of a regular keychain, usually made of leather. There are also different geometric shapes and colors. Still, others imitate forms of dolls or ancient coins.

3-Size and weight

One thing to consider when buying GPS keychains is the size and weight of the device. The size of this type of product usually ranges from one to ten centimeters. Likewise, the weight is undoubtedly another factor to assess, always depending on its final use. This usually ranges from 8 to 20 grams.


Another factor to consider is handling. Normally, all locators have an instruction manual for use. Also, the companion applications are usually quite intuitive. However, it does not hurt to take a look at the app of the device in question, before buying it.


Today, you can find GPS keyrings that range from $5 to nearly $120. Obviously, by changing the price, the characteristics of the product in question change.

For this reason, it is important to know if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars, in order to have more applications. Or if it will simply be used to find objects and the cheaper versions will suffice.


Although we live in a time with unparalleled scientific advances, it is also true that in essence, we are still the same clueless individuals who continue to forget objects in their walk. Fortunately, the integration of technology into our daily lives has solved problems that, as in this case, make us waste time and money.

On the other hand, you don’t have to forget that GPS keychains are not only used to find stationary objects. Likewise, they are extremely useful when it comes to finding pets and even small children who have been lost in an oversight. Obviously, this utility gives GPS-enabled keyfobs a higher status.

This article has given you everything you need to make an informed choice of the GPS key fob that best suits your needs. If you liked the article, help us by commenting and sharing your experience with GPS keychains. Thanks!

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