Do you know what reverse hair washing is?

Do-you-know what-reverse-hair-washing
Do-you-know what-reverse-hair-washing

We tell you why you should join this trend

Hair hygiene is booming in recent times, Anya Hindmarch, a 53-year-old businesswoman who is very influential in the world of fashion in the United Kingdom, is among most of the people who have contributed to this interest in hair care and fact has just published a book in which he talks about it, the explanation of the title is something like “if in doubt, wash your hair: a manual for life”, although its original title is, “If in doubt, Wash your hair: A Manual for Life.

The author assures him that her best ideas have always come to her in the shower, a moment that for her is like meditating. What we do not know is if Hindmarch will practice the new fashion trend when it comes to hair care, we are talking about reverse hair washing.

A practice that consists of washing the hair backward, starting with the conditioner and ending with the shampoo. We tell you why to practice it.


Reverse hair washing, how to do it


First of all

by applying the conditioner first its ingredients have more time to act on the hair fiber. This makes the hydration of the hair much deeper and it looks strong and healthy.


Conditioners, by dissolving in fats and oils, can make our hair greasy more than normal. So by rinsing with water and shampoo you will dissolve the remains of the conditioner completely and your hair will be much cleaner.

We tell you the steps to do the reverse wash well

First, apply a little conditioner from roots to ends and let it rest for just a few minutes. Then rinse well with water and apply the shampoo massaging well, rinse again and your hair is ready.

According to specialists

Reverse hair washing nourishes fine hair without leaving it very heavy and prepares it for cleaning. As well as making our hairstyle last longer. It also provides extra hydration to our hair and much more volume. This is why it is ideal for very fine and straight hair, as well as for oily hair since this type of wash removes more residue oil and grease from the hair.

Clarifying the hair after using the shampoo will make it not greasy since the excess product and dirt are completely removed.

And it is that as collects

«The theory is as follows: the active ingredients of the conditioner are better absorbed into dry hair because its cuticles are more open. and the keratin itself is also much more porous.

In this way

Our hair absorbs more product and makes the most of the hydration provided by the conditioner. The result? Your hair dream is fulfilled. Hair with more volume and much healthier, shiny and elastic.»

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